New Energy Fuel Cell Plastic Parts --- PC product

 Thursday, 09 December 2021

Ding Zhou produces plastic product of New Energy Fuel Cell Power Module , we supply it to our customer in USA .

This is a group of high-precision plastic food grade products.

▪ It is required to be transparent ,

▪ The thicness dimensional accuracy is + / - 0.05mm.

▪ The product cannot be sprayed with release agent.

▪ Yellowing and foreign matters are not allowed.

▪ The burr at the gate position shall not exceed 0.2mm.

It shows our dust-free workshop, the machines are running mass production , The usage of a set of equipment is about 500 pieces ,we supply about 600 000 thousand each year,The annual demand is increasing ,to meet the needs of our customer , we have three machines and three sets of molds for simultaneous production.

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