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Dingzhou solutions to common injection molding industry pain points

In recent years, under the influence of many factors such as the upgrading of restricted plastic orders, repeated epidemics, rising raw materials and labor costs, the injection molding industry has ushered in many opportunities and challenges. The traditional injection molding industry generally has the characteristics of fast, batch and low profit, and the production mode is generally multi-variety and small-batch, which is a typical discrete industry. At present, China has become the worlds lar…

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5 Reasons to choose Ding Zhou to custom injection molding

Dingzhou Precision Injection Molding provides one-stop services, collaborates with you in all stages of product development, from rapid prototyping to production with our extensive knowledge and custom manufacturing, we support you in accelerating products to market .Here, I will share two injection molding cases to demonstrate the professional capabilities, rich experience, and high quality service of the Ding Zhou team to you.1.molded thread covers by plastic injection moldingMould design The m…

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See Ding Zhou injection molding How to control the mold fabricating cost

The current injection mold market is being affected by rising raw material prices and increased labor costs, resulting in a shrinking profit margin for injection molds. How to obtain orders in fierce market competition, ensure mold quality, and maximize mold profits as much as possible to achieve green manufacturing, Dingzhou Injection Molding is thinking about this issue every day. The cost control of injection mold manufacturing is imperative, and cost control lies in effective spending rather …

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Top 6 Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers in China

Injection molds are important tools for manufacturing plastic products, widely used in various industries such as automotive manufacturing, electronic products, household appliances, industrial products, etc. As an important component of modern manufacturing, the mold industry has the characteristics of technology intensive, capital intensive, and labor-intensive. On a global scale, the mold industry has formed a good development momentum. From a regional perspective, Asia is the largest region i…

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Should I Purchase injection mold in USA or China?

If your company needs injection molding services to manufacture plastic parts, one of the first and most crucial decisions to make is whether you want to choose an injection molding factory in your home country or overseas. Although many countries provide mold manufacturing services, China is the main participant in this market. Because the cost of injection molding in China is much cheaper than in the United States or Europe. By using injection molds made in China, you may save 20% -60% of costs…

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Purchasing plastic parts by injection molding or machining

Developing injection molds or CNC , two main factors need to be considered , they are lead time and total product quantity .Building injection mold takes much longer than Machining plastic parts. Thats one of the attractive elements of machined parts : there is no tooling, so you can make a single part in the span of hours or a day or two days. The problem is that the unit price is expensive.Machining generally involves the cutting, milling, grinding and other processing processes of metal or pla…

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