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Injection Molded Auto Parts

Plastic shell injection molding : Plastic battery shells are widely used in various types of energy storage electronic appliances, such as plastic shells for electromobile and portable power supplies...
Bemould injection molding team has extensive experience in product design and molding of plastic shells. We’re familiar with the structural design, material selection, mold design, and injection molding process of the product.
For the design and production precautions of this type of product, we have established a Know-How knowledge base. Our engineers only need to enter the company's system to view this knowledge , which can effectively avoid molding defects in the later stage, save time and costs, and improve product quality .
The reason why we can respond quickly to customers is because of our continuous accumulation of experience and learning of professional knowledge .
If you have a plastic shell that needs injection molding, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our best team will provide you with satisfactory service.



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