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Electric Vehicle Plastic Injection Molded Components

Plastics are an ideal material for vehicle industry , The new energy vehicle (NEV) industry experienced explosive growth in 2021 ,it drives the demand for car batteries.Bemould OEM all kinds of NEV plastic components ,there are ,battery housings , battery charger ,elbow fitting ...
Our goal is to become an expert in plastic parts for the new energy product industry, and to provide customers with solutions with our own experience and professional knowledge. Build our own knowledge base of injection molding issues..
We are backed by a professional team, providing strong guidance from quotation, product pre-analysis, mold design, process setting and efficient and stable production.
The commonly used materials for new energy products are glass fiber reinforced nylon, PC-ABS, ABS, PVDF, PPA containing glass fiber, PC, PP containing additives. . .
Let us help with you :
  • Design for manufacturing support;
  • Engineering and injection mold building;
  • Custom plastic injection molding;
  • Plastic part decoration, assembly and packaging;
  • Flexible production scheduling for short-term or high-volume needs;

Plastic Prototype Services

Rapid Prototype service including CNC machining , 3D printing . It’s used very often in new energy field .
Developing a market-ready solution requires significant money and time. Therefore, it is essential to ensure whether your product design and features are aligned with the exact market needs. rapid prototyping plays an important role in judging whether the metal parts are qualified into plastic parts, judging whether the product structure design, assembly effect, and the product functions meet the requirements, etc...
The obvious advanstage of prototype : Simply no MOQ, the service is designed for fast-growing teams, starups and small business who require quick turnaround consist of high-quality prototype,saves development time and development costs.
Prototype also be used for low volume, if you required a small demand and don’t like to pay expensive tool cost , prototype is a good option .



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