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Rapid prototyping

Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing, It is a new advanced manufacturing technology rising and developing rapidly in recent years , Its feature is that it can quickly manufacture extremely complex parts without machining equipment or molds, thus saving time and initial investment in small batch production or trial production of new products.

RPM technology is mainly applied to the design verification and trial production of simulation samples for the development of new products (including product upgrading), that is, to complete the development process from the conceptual design (or modification design) of products to the modeling design ----- the structural design ----the basic function evaluation ----- the trial production of simulation samples.

Features of rapid prototyping:

(1) Design verification and function verification in the process of new product development..
(2) Manufacturability and assemblability inspection.
(3) Direct production of single piece, small batch and special complex parts.


When manufacturing product prototypes to support product development, 3D printing and CNC machining are two prototyping processes that need to be considered. How to choose between these two processes in specific applications, especially when the design and product specifications have not been finalized , following are showing the difference .

3D Printing
  • It can manufacture complex geometries without the use of molds, it allows users to quickly deliver small batches of parts, and can be flexible and agile to adapt to design changes.
  • Support parallel parts processing flow to save time. Users can produce multiple parts in a single project, produce multiple versions of a single part, or produce multiple parts for different projects.
  • There is no need to use multiple setups to manufacture parts without operator supervision or intervention. After starting the job, the equipment runs until the part is made

CNC Machining
  • High degree of automation and high production efficiency. In addition to semifinished product clamping, all other processing procedures can be completed by CNC machine tools, which effectively improves the production efficiency.
  • Adaptability to CNC processing products. When changing the processing object, in addition to changing the tool and solving the semifinished product clamping method, it only needs to reprogram without other complicated adjustments, which shortens the production preparation cycle.
  • CNC machining has two main characteristics: first, it can greatly improve machining accuracy, including machining quality accuracy and machining time error accuracy; Second, the repeatability of the processing quality can stabilize the processing quality and maintain the quality of the processed parts.

For low volume, fast turnaround prototypes , prototypes for testing
For low volume high-quality prototype , Economical, Large-Scale Prototypes, design prototype for user testing



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