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New Energy Plastic Parts

Lithium Battery Fixed Combination Bracket



Product Description: 

the product EV battery plastic bracket, it is a structural part. The product requires high strength, hardness, flame retardant and good flatness. It is mainly used for other supporting batteries for assembly. The product is designed with metal thread inserts. The mold design corresponding to this structural design can be called insert molding. We have rich experience in this kind of design.  
Considering that it takes a long time to manually place the inserts in the process of mass production and increases the production cost, we have considered it in place at the initial stage of the design and increased the automatic operation of the manipulator.

Basic parameters:

Product material: PC/ABS

Product molding cycle: 60s 

Product gate type: point gates

Mold life: 500K 

Take out method: automatic 

Mold Lead time: 40 days

Basic process of mold building:

Product pre-analysis

1.Part Injection molding Feasibility Analysis(DFM)
2.Mold flow analysis 

Mold design

A. Specific 2D assembly drawing 
B. 3D assembly drawing 
C. Drawing of parts and loose items
D. Mold BOM sheet and purchase order

Mold making 

A. Release of drawings 
B. CNC mold core
C. Mold and accessory processing
D. Mold assembly

Mold Trial

A. Material and machine preparation
B. Making samples with machines
C. Mold testing report


A. Product dimensions and assembly test
B. Product improvement report
C. Functional test and improvement report

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