Custom EV Charging Gun Plastic Shell

 Friday, 18 February 2022

The future development direction of global automobile is new energy. The exploration of new energy has become the consensus of countries and enterprises all over the world. China‘s new energy automobile industry has also been growing. At present, the penetration rate of new energy vehicles in various countries is increasing. Among them, China is dominated by pure electricity and Europe is dominated by plug-in electricity …

After the electric vehicles of new energy vehicles enter the market, it will also drive the rapid development of other industries, such as batteries, charging piles, charging equipment, etc .

Our company can customize all kinds of plastic products according to the requirements of customers, such as: EV battery pack plastic holder / bracket,4x5 Spacer Radiating Shell EV Pack Plastic Holder,EV battery Plastic Frame, new energy vehicle charging gun shell... To meet the requirements of guests, Machined parts and 3D printing in the early stage, and building injection mold, mass production and other services in the later stage.

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