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Custom Home appliance plastic parts

 Sunday, 23 January 2022

After about three months, we have met you with a set of finished products developed by our selves.there are 11 sets of mold , our mold manufacture and assembly member keep hard working to run this project .

From the ideas in our mind to proofing, to doing various strength test and analysis, transforming them into 3D data, mold design, mold processing and manufacturing, assembly, mold trial and a series of work.

Finally, we have met you with our "large power bank" household appliances, 90% of the parts in this set of products are produced by ourselves.

It is intelligent, convenient and fully functional. With different color systems and different power, it is the preferred equipment for household and out door activities .

The Spring Festival is approaching , our team members will start our holiday from Jan. 25- Feb 8.

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