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Injection Molded Electronic Housing : A portable stethoscope independently developed by Bemould for guests. This product can be carried around and used to diagnose and report the health problems of family members. It is light and convenient.
The characteristics of injection molding electronic shells :

  • We optimize and recommend materials such as PC/ABS and ABS, which can meet the strength and hardness requirements of the product while presenting a beautiful appearance. Finally, in terms of molding, it is beneficial for process adjustment and has fewer defects in injection molding.
  • Attention points for the structural design of injection molded parts. For plastic products with flat and deep cavity structures, deformation is a key consideration, as it can affect product assembly. Therefore, in the early stage of design, we will conduct mold flow analysis, strength analysis, etc. to comprehensively evaluate and develop plans .
  • Mold design, gate design, and cooling design are a key focus of our mold review, as these two designs are related to the quality of later product production. Mold design review is an essential step that cannot be ignored. It is an important inspection process before mold manufacturing, saving time and cost for subsequent production .
The key information of injection molding for this type of products can be found in our Know-how knowledge base. Welcome to contact Bemould to learn more .



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