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Plastic Injection Molded Battery Components

Plastic bracket injection molding:With the rapid development of electric vehicles, the demand for new energy batteries is also increasing day by day. This plastic bracket is used in various power equipment and many energy storage devices.
Injection molding is the preferred process for plastic brackets. The advantages of injection molding are controllable cost, stable product quality, and long service life of injection molds...
Bemould also produces plastic battery brackets for multiple domestic and foreign automotive and energy storage suppliers. Based on their working environment and load, we recommend using flame-retardant ABS and flame-retardant PC/ABS plastic materials, which can demonstrate their good mechanical properties, high temperature resistance, and so on.
The structure of the plastic battery bracket can be changed at will, and Bemold's injection molding team can quickly respond and provide the best molding solution. Our significant advantages include Customized Manufacturing ,Precise Engineering ,Stable QC, Timely Delivery .



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