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Plastic Injection Molded Battery Components

Injection Molded Plastic Seal Carriers


Injection Molded Plastic Seal Carriers

1. These plastic parts use material PEI , plastic components are made of high-quality plastic materials, which have excellent heat resistance, good chemical corrosion resistance, inherent flame retardancy, and excellent dimensional stability. Suitable for applications in various environments.

2. Injection molding, using advanced injection molding technology, can achieve high-precision manufacturing and processing, ensuring the accuracy of product size and shape.

3. High precision, this product has the characteristics of high precision and can meet the requirements of various high-precision applications, such as precision machinery, electronics, optics, and other fields.

4. Seal carriers , this product is a base seal with excellent sealing performance and durability, suitable for various sealing applications.

5.Molded parts tips : for all the molded products , we asked our engineers to add a permanent identification to the part surface , the identification contents including : part number and version , data code and supplier code , thus , customer can have a clear information on part when received our parts .

Details determine success or failure, and we are constantly advancing on the path of excellence .

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