Injection molding

Custom Insert Molding

Insert Molding, a strong suit in our engineering technologies, combines plastics and metals into a single assembly. The process of insert molding reduces assembly and labor costs while increasing design flexibility and part performance.

Vertical injection machines with rotary tables allow us to overmold and encapsulate inserts for electrical circuitry, fastening, and connecting. Common insert molded products include sensors, switches, connectors, and actuators.

Our insert molding presses range from 55 to 2000 tons, and are supported by on-press digital video imaging systems, which check every insert for proper placement. If any part is not properly positioned, the system prevents the press from proceeding. This ensures the inserts are properly placed and protects the mold from damage.

Bemould’s insert molding capabilities include manual and fully automated operations, with additional secondary forming, blanking, and 100% hipot and continuity testing.