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Common problems of transparent PC products

 Friday, 08 January 2021

Injection molding transparent PC plastic parts have the most problems, and our company has rich experience in mass production of PC transparent parts. Just pay attention to the following two aspects,Transparent parts have their particularity and functionality, which will inevitably be used in many places. When injection molding, some thin-walled transparent injection parts are often encountered. Due to the performance reasons, these plastic parts use PC as the raw material, one is that the product turns yellow, the other is that there are bubbles in the product.

1.Product yellowing

Thin walled products, high-precision products will appear partial lack of material and individual size unqualified, often high-speed and high-temperature production, so that the material temperature rises to a certain temperature, immediately yellow.The Countermeasures for surface yellowing are as follows:

Increase the number of gates on the mold and add mold exhaust.

Strictly control the drying time according to the material specifications, reduce the molding temperature and speed.

2. Bubbles appear in the product

There are two reasons for bubbles: one is the gas in the melt, the other is the vacuum bubble produced by contraction.The gas in the melt is mostly due to the decomposition of air and a small amount of plastic. The solution is to fully dry the raw materials, while the vacuum bubble is more difficult, which needs the combination of mold and molding process to achieve better effect.

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