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Dingzhou solutions to common injection molding industry pain points

 Tuesday, 21 May 2024

In recent years, under the influence of many factors such as the upgrading of restricted plastic orders, repeated epidemics, rising raw materials and labor costs, the injection molding industry has ushered in many opportunities and challenges. The traditional injection molding industry generally has the characteristics of fast, batch and low profit, and the production mode is generally multi-variety and small-batch, which is a typical discrete industry. At present, China has become the world's largest injection molding country, and all processed products need to be molded by injection molding. The main application industries are general plastics, automotive, household appliances and packaged beverages.

Although most plastic products companies have a certain scale and foundation, but there are low enterprise product innovation ability, brand effect is not obvious, industry innovation ability and huge industry mismatch or lack of support and other problems, plastic processing industry is still in the early stage of quality industry, low risk resistance.

Its workshop production pain points have the following aspects:

1. Unreasonable production planning and low efficiency of workshop execution ,the injection molding production plan does not only consider the delivery date of the product shipment plan and the safety inventory problem, but also comprehensively consider the status of each injection molding machine in the workshop, the mold status, the material status and even the personnel configuration status to give a reasonable planning arrangement, otherwise it is prone to frequent planning adjustment, missing orders, inserting orders, changing production and other problems, which will eventually lead to poor execution efficiency of the workshop.

2. Mold adjustment is difficult, and the production cycle is longThe mold adjustment process depends on the personal ability of the mold master, the average production change time is greater than 2H, and the equipment OEE is difficult to break through the bottleneck.

3. Slow handling and chaotic managementAbnormal equipment, wrong materials, mold problems, product rework, materials, semi-finished products scrap and other abnormal production, unable to respond and deal with in time, resulting in a long shutdown time and a large loss of workshop; Due to the lack of standardized and unified data statistics, the problem can not be accurately traced and analyzed, and the management is very confusing.

Like many companies, Dingzhou has also encountered these problems mentioned above, through the introduction of ERP+MES system, we have made the following progress.

  • Intelligent scheduling, flexible and efficient

Intelligent production scheduling greatly reduces PMC time in injection molding plants and guides production with accurate and actionable plans. It can grasp the production status of the order in real time, adjust the intervention in time when necessary, improve the utilization rate of equipment and produce effective output, and ensure that the order is delivered on time.

  • The production process is controllable

The MES system of injection molding workshop can restore the production scene, and monitor and optimize the production through electronic kanban and statistical reports. Problems encountered in the traditional manufacturing mode, such as: equipment needs to stop when it encounters a failure, which step of production, workers' hours, workpiece information can be the first time to respond and control, and can understand the production status in real time.

  • Quality information whole process traceability

In the injection molding workshop, each injection molding machine is equipped with an MES system, which can control the quality of incoming materials, process quality and finished product quality, and the quality inspector can also put forward quality improvement suggestions. Through the source material quality inspection of raw materials, the source control of product quality is realized, so that customers can be more assured about the products we supply .

  • Achieve integrated molding management

Mold status plays a crucial role in product quality and production stability, the traditional way is generally through the injection molding workshop through file transfer mold maintenance coordination requirements and process feedback, the process is complex, long cycle. Mold MES and injection molding MES can be interconnected to realize the integrated management of mold repair/maintenance business of injection molding factories and mold factories, reduce the impact of injection molding production caused by mold reasons, and ensure the production of injection molding products on schedule.

Now, Dingzhou team in an order to come, through the ERP system a process of output, this process is like a precise action of the machine, all links are accurate cooperation, such efficient and timely service, so that customers trust us more, Dingzhou's competitiveness is further improved !

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