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Efficient and stable battery shell mould

 Thursday, 02 September 2021

As an important barrier to protect the battery, the battery shell is widely used in electric vehicles, battery cars, electric tricycles and so on. Generally, the battery shell is made of polypropylene, ABS and pc-abs with good insulation and high voltage resistance, and is made of plastic injection molding.

If you want an efficient and stable battery box mold   To produce high-quality battery boxes, bemoul will be your satisfied partner.

 We have manufactured various battery box molds for our partners, such as car battery box N40 ~ N200 series, UPS battery 55AH, 100Ah, inverter battery it 500; Din battery DIN55, din66 series, etc. According to the needs of customers, we will analyze the reasonable glue inlet point, shrinkage, deformation, cooling and other technical points of the product before design; Select reasonable steel materials according to the required materials and product structure to ensure the quality of products and the service life of molds.

Bemould is committed to providing customers with all-round battery box solutions, such as injection molding machine, part taking manipulator and all kinds of auxiliary equipment. Like 55AH UPS battery, we recommend dkm-450 servo injection molding machine, which has the advantages of high safety, fast injection speed, high product molding precision, energy saving and low noise.

Battery shell mold   The manufacturer provides you with efficient and stable molds for various battery boxes .

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