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How to reduce shrinkage marks of injection molded products !

 Friday, 06 August 2021

Some features of plastic products have thicker wall thickness, such as the shrinkage caused by ribs or convex features is relatively obvious, because the cooling speed of the thicker area is much slower than that of the surrounding area. different cooling speeds lead to depression at the connecting surface, which is a familiar shrinkage mark. this defect seriously limits the molding of electronic products, such as intelligent stethoscope, earphone and other products with high appearance requirements...

There are many reasons for shrinkage marks, such as molding process, product structure, material and mold design..., In terms of mold design, such as gate position and gate size, the size can be made a little under allowable conditions, so that the material flow can fill and enrich the product. In terms of process, the injection time and pressure holding can be adjusted to improve the shrinkage mark.

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