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Influence factor of cavity number of injection mold

 Friday, 24 September 2021

In the design of injection mold parts, the number and arrangement of mold cavities should be designed first. the dimensional tolerance of mechanical parts cannot be simply applied to the mold cavity. the dimensional accuracy of plastic parts will be affected by many factors such as plastic part structure, plastic part raw materials and plastic part shrinkage during production. therefore, the ranking of mold cavity must follow certain principles in order to meet the requirements of mold manufacturing.

The principle requirements of mold cavity arrangement are as follows:

Principle of short flow channel: prevent solidification of gating system, save steel and mold manufacturing cost, and improve the qualification rate of products in injection molding process.

Pressure balance principle: make the resultant force of the mold bearing the expansion force close to the center of the mold during injection and in the same line with the clamping force of the injection molding machine, so as to avoid irregular molecular orientation caused by unbalanced flow and inconsistent shrinkage rate.

Principle of temperature balance: make the temperatures at all parts of the mold cavity approximately equal to ensure that the shrinkage of plastic parts in each cavity is equal.
Feeding balance the first mock exam for multi cavity mold, the same plastic parts should be fed from the same position to ensure the interchangeability of the plastic parts. The size and length of the runner and gate shall be consistent with the size of the plastic part, and try to ensure that each cavity is fed at the same time and filled at the same time, so as to ensure that each cavity is fed evenly.

Reasonably design and manufacture the cavity of injection mold molding parts, ensure the molding quality of plastic parts and improve the production efficiency of the mold.

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