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Precautions for injection mold of electronic products

 Wednesday, 18 August 2021

When injecting the electronic shell mold, because the shell is an external part and the injection mold belongs to the precision type, we should grasp all the dimensions so that the mold will not change too much. For the injection mold engineer, it is very important to grasp the dimensions of the injection parts and the mold according to the design drawing, manufacturing process The molding process is controlled from three aspects.

In addition, we also need to consider the appropriate shrinkage rate, because when we choose the design of shell precision die, we need to consider the materials used and the shrinkage rate different from the same material. For the requirements of precision die, it is necessary to keep the difference between predicted shrinkage and actual shrinkage as much as possible, so the requirements for shell precision die designers are relatively strict. In short, for a shell precision mold design, unless it is a professional, it is difficult to design and make a suitable electronic product mold without mistakes.

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