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Silicone molding and rapid prototyping

 Saturday, 23 November 2019

Hand plate is to make one or several sets of templates to confirm the structure, size and appearance before making the mold. If there is no mistake, then make the mold. It can be processed by machining, 3D printing and silica gel mold, which means to make the template for the first time.The purpose of this is to:1. Verify and improve the appearance and structure design of the product.Before opening the mold, make the hand plate first. After getting the hand plate, if you are not satisfied with the appearance model of the product, you can adjust and improve it in time until you are satisfied. If there is interference in the assembly of the structure or with PCB or other accessories, it can be adjusted and improved in time, and the mold can be made after being satisfied.2. If the order quantity is small, it can be replaced by the first board . In some projects, the customer demand is small, the quantity is 30-200pcs, the cost of opening the mold is high, and the customer can't accept the long cycle, so we can use the hand plate rapid silica gel re mold technology to make a variety of plastic material products, which not only saves the cost but also makes the cycle fast.There is also a title of "rapid prototyping" for handboards, which means rapid prototyping and shortening product development and manufacturing. The main function of making handboards is to introduce so much. The subsequent small compilation will introduce to you the process of making quick estimation silica gel replica. Handboards and quick silica gel replica are to reduce the production cost, to know the structure and appearance of products as soon as possible and the market demand, to prepare for the product listing, and to save the production cost.

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