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What’s the lead time of building a injection mold ?

 Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Bemold is a professional mould production company and a mould expert around you .

If you want to understand the production cycle of injection mold, you must first know the internal production process of injection mold factory.

According to the size and structural complexity of the product, the mold production process is as follows :

1.Data sorting of quoted products
2.Product analysis, evaluation and structural design optimization
3.Structural review
4.Verification of structural samples
5.Mold structure review
6.Project follow-up during mold opening
7.Mold test and modification
8.Trial production
9.Batch production

Generally, the above steps are required for a mold factory to open a set of molds. The specific mold opening time depends on the products. If you want to consult the production cycle, you can contact Bemould plastic. Bemould is a group enterprise focusing on mold manufacturing and injection molding products. We have complete production equipment and provide one-stop customization service to support mold development and design, The core team has rich experience. The company focuses on providing a complete set of solutions for products from product design, mold manufacturing, injection molding and assembly and after-sales service. The products are widely used in shell accessories of electronic products, injection molding accessories for new energy vehicles, injection molding parts of mobile power supply, etc.

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