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Why do injection mold design need insert design ?

 Wednesday, 15 September 2021

1. Save injection mold manufacturing materials
 As we all know, injection molds use regular block steel with fixed shape to fix materials, but the materials of front and rear molds are determined by height. If one place is higher than others, inserts can be made to reduce the height of the mold

2. Convenient mold modification
 Where the injection mold is often modified, it can be removed and made into inserts. When changing the mold in the future, as long as the inserts are replaced, and even when opening the mold, several more inserts can be replaced, so as to facilitate the modification of the mold.

 3. Conducive to injection mold exhaust
 The exhaust of injection mold is very important. If the exhaust is not good, there will be trapped gas in the mold cavity, especially in the relatively deep rib position. During injection molding, the product is prone to bubbles or shrinkage, lack of glue, whitening or black spots. Therefore, the insert can be added where the die needs to be vented, and the matching gap of the insert can be used for venting.

 4. Convenient injection mold processing
 There are some deep rib positions in the injection mold, which are difficult to be processed by the tool. Although EDM can be used, the EDM processing speed is slow and the processing efficiency is not high. Therefore, it is generally selected as an insert to reduce the processing difficulty and facilitate exhaust. In addition, it is the deep reinforcement mold matching, because the mold matching where the mold must be matched is very inconvenient, but it is much more convenient to open the inserts and disassemble and assemble in these places.

 5. Extend the service life of injection mold

 Generally speaking, the place where the injection mold needs to design the insert is often the place easy to be damaged in the mold. Once the insert is damaged, it can be replaced, so as to prolong the service life of the injection mold and save time and money.

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