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Bemould Plastics & Molds Co., Ltd.Team building activities

 Wednesday, 17 June 2020

In order to better stimulate the work passion of the company's employees, establish the positive communication, mutual trust, unity and cooperation between the company's employees, cultivate the awareness of the team, enhance the sense of responsibility and belonging of the employees, and show the demeanor of Ding Precision Mold Co., Ltd. On June 13, 2020, all employees of Dingjing mould Co., Ltd. participated in the team development activity with the theme of "unity and cooperation, create the future together".

Before the formal training, the coach first completes the group assignment through their respective reports. Then each team member selects the team leader, and under the guidance of the selected team leader, discusses their team name, team emblem and team song together. We have 6 teams in total. Under the guidance of the coach, all the team members competed in the activities such as no falling forest, inspiring people, magic pen, horse Liang, energy rope circle, and farmhouse stove.

Looking back on this unique team development activity, there are hard work and sweat, but more joy, motivation, forging and melting of team cohesion and combat effectiveness. I believe that all colleagues will continue to carry forward the spirit of mutual trust, unity and innovation in the next work, and work hard, persevere, stick to the end, never give up, and jointly create new brilliance. Hard shot!! Let's make another appointment!

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