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Bemould :Supervision of injection mold quality

 Tuesday, 24 August 2021

In order to ensure mold quality and delivery time and control injection mold cost, effective mold quality management is particularly key .   

1)ERP database management, processing technology database management, engineering drawing document management; So that the engineering drawings can be reasonably shared and reasonably viewed and used. Be able to establish detailed document management computer database query, so as to prevent any problems caused by the disorder of design drawings, 2D and 3D, the disorder of initial, design change and maintenance version numbers, the inconsistency and disorder of 3D model and 2D engineering drawing data and information, which are not easy to be handled and corrected in time, resulting in the modification, repair and even abolition of molds, Improve the manufacturing cost of mold, prolong the production cycle of mold manufacturing and endanger the delivery period.    
2)Maintain the consistency and consistency of mold engineering drawings, manufacturing processes and commodity data information: ensure the consistency and consistency of mold engineering drawings, manufacturing processes and commodity data information according to reasonable, delicate and rigorous inspection methods.    
3)The design scheme and manufacturing cost of each mold must be summarized immediately:     According to the reasonable operation of the work of the production workshop, according to the accurate overall mold design, efficient mold parts processing and accurate spare parts inspection, the additional cost of the mold due to design change and maintenance will be reasonably reduced, so as to obtain the total cost of each mold and reasonably operate the mold quality.    
4)Overall planning and coordination: organically and chemically integrate the information of plan, design scheme, manufacturing process, production and manufacturing status of production workshop and human resource management, so as to carry out comprehensive planning and manufacturing reasonably and harmoniously, so as to reasonably ensure the quality of molds and deliver them on time.    

5)Formulate a set of detailed intelligent management system for mold production and manufacturing, and complete the electronic computer information intelligent management system for commodity database management, processing process database management, plan management method and project schedule management of mold production and manufacturing process management, including mold production and manufacturing plan formulation, mold design scheme, processing process formulation The daily task allocation of the production workshop, product quality inspection, warehouse management, etc. enable the mold manufacturing and relevant auxiliary information to complete the multi-directional tracking management method from plan formulation to completion delivery.

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