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Cause analysis of brittle transparent products

 Thursday, 16 September 2021

Bemould injection mold manufacturer manufactures transparent PC molds, electronic product shell plastic molds and new energy battery box molds..., During the production of transparent products, the products are often brittle and easy to break. We carefully sort out the reasons, including the following aspects:

1.Insufficient injection and pressure holding pressure of injection molding machine;
2.If the back pressure is too large, the heat of shear and friction increases;
3.The material test is too high, and the raw materials undergo continuous shear, decomposition and deterioration;
4.Insufficient injection and pressure holding time;
5.The shutdown time of injection molding machine is too long and the injection molding cycle is too long;
6.Some parts of the internal structure of the product are too thick, some parts are too thin and uneven, the consideration of the feeding place is unreasonable, and the final confluence position of the material flow is at the weak position of the product structure
7.Uneven injection gate feeding and insufficient cold well;

Knowing the above reasons, we will make a detailed preliminary analysis in the mold design stage to predict possible problems in actual production and optimize in the preliminary stage.

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