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Cause analysis of tool sticking of injection molding products

 Thursday, 16 September 2021

Product design: ① insufficient draft angle. ② The wall thickness and strength of the product are insufficient.

Raw materials: "plastic materials are not strong enough and easy to crack; the materials are not lubricated.


the front and rear molds are deformed or have acute angles, which scratch the product during demoulding, resulting in unsmooth demoulding,          

insufficient polishing of front mold and rear mold causes mold sticking. 

the mold draft angle is not enough.
Not enough thimbles.
When ejecting the product, due to the vacuum formed inside the product, it is difficult to eject and stick the mold. The mold processing is wrong and there is reverse buckle.

Injection molding process:

 ① the molding pressure is too large (too full), and the die sticking force increases.

 ② The cooling time is insufficient, the forming cycle is too short, and the product is not completely cooled, so it can not bear ejection .

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