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Custom precision injection mold - plastic shell of intelligent electronic products

 Thursday, 16 September 2021

With the increasing market demand for plastic products, people have higher and higher requirements for the precision of injection molds. As for electronic products, the biggest factor affecting the product precision is the processing precision of molds. The so-called processing precision mainly refers to the actual size and shape of the product surface after processing, The compliance of the three geometric references of the position with the ideal geometric reference required by the drawing.

How much precision can injection mold processing generally achieve? This depends on the processing machinery and equipment used by the processing plant. If the machine precision is high, the precision of each mold can be controlled according to the customer's requirements. The general injection molding processing precision is about 0.02mm, and this value can not be achieved by every factory.

Bemould can do it because we have experienced mold teachers and high-precision processing equipment resources.

How to control the machining accuracy of injection mold? People in the industry should know that there will always be deviations between the products displayed by computer software and the actually produced molds, so in the early stage of its production, we will do a series of optimization measures and avoidance methods, such as mold flow analysis and mold review. Just because the processing and manufacturing can not be the same as the 3D model, each set of products has risks, including product size and appearance, Assemble..., The key uncontrollable is the craftsmanship of the fitter teacher.

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