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Injection mold: surface finish of electronic products

 Sunday, 29 August 2021

Injection mold polishing has 2 objectives; One is to improve the smoothness of the mold, so that the surface of the goods produced by the mold is smooth, good-looking and beautiful. The other is to make the mold very easy to come out, so that the plastic will not be stuck to the mold.

The following matters should be paid attention to in the polishing of injection mold:

(1)When a new mold cavity starts production and processing, first check the workpiece surface and clean the surface with gasoline, so that the oilstone surface is not easy to be stained with waste, resulting in the loss of drilling function.
(2)When grinding coarse grain, it should be carried out in the order of difficulty first and then easy. For very difficult blind areas, the deeper bottom end should be studied first,
(3)Some workpieces will be polished by multiple components. First grind the coarse grain or fire grain of individual workpieces, and then grind all workpieces together until smooth.
(4)For the workpieces in the large plan or side plan, the oil stone shall be used to grind off the coarse grain, and then the vertical steel plate shall be used for light transmittance inspection to check whether there is uneven or poor buckle. If there is buckle, it will cause difficulty in molding or contusion of the products.
(5)In order to avoid paying attention to the reverse buckle of the mold workpiece or some conditions that meet the surface to be maintained, stick it with a woodworking saw blade or stick it next to it with sanding paper, so as to obtain an ideal actual maintenance effect.
(6)The grinding die plan is driven from front to back, left to right, and the handle of dragging the oilstone shall be placed as straight as possible without exceeding 25 °; Due to the large slope, the force rushes from top to bottom, which is easy to cause many coarse lines on the workpiece.
(7)If the plan of the workpiece is polished with T2 copper sheet or bamboo strip, the sanding paper shall not be greater than the total area of special tools, otherwise it will be developed into an area that cannot be developed.

(8)The appearance of special tools for grinding shall be close to and consistent with the surface appearance of the die, so as to ensure that the workpiece will not be grinded and deformed.

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