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Injection mould for electronic product shell

 Tuesday, 24 August 2021

In our daily life, electronic products are common commodities, and in the increasing demand for all kinds of intelligent electronic products, the application of injection mold shell and accessories of electronic products is also indispensable.

For the appearance parts of electronic products, it is generally required to be functional, beautiful and high precision . The surface of some electronic shell products is high gloss, which requires high roughness of injection mold, so the requirements for polishing are also very high. Polishing not only improves the beauty of the workpiece ,  but also improves the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the surface of raw materials. Therefore, polishing is a very important process for this kind of abrasive tools.

Different polishing techniques and necessary machines and equipment are also different. Complex polishing can polish complex product workpieces and many other product workpieces, so as to achieve efficient production and manufacturing.

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