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Maintenance of injection mold

 Thursday, 12 August 2021

In order to prolong the service life of the company's injection mold, produce more products and create greater economic benefits, the following maintenance plan is formulated:

Inspection and maintenance during mold installation, such as Electronic products plastic mold , Precise transparent plastic injection mold…             

1.Before mold installation, the upper and lower surfaces of the injection mold shall be cleaned to ensure the correct cooperation between the installation surface of the injection mold and the working table of the press. 
2. After the mold is installed, open the mold, clean the mold guide mechanism and the surface of the mold cavity to ensure the quality of the parts.
3.Lubricate or grease the sliding parts of the die.
4.Check and maintain the side guard, and clean the punching waste channel and hole.
5.Check the safety parts such as safety side pins and safety screws of the mold, and repair and replace them in time if problems are found.

Maintenance in production       

1.Oil and lubricate the pressing ring, fillet, edge of trimming die and flanging block of drawing die regularly.
2.Regularly clean the waste passage of the small hole of the trimming and punching die.
3.Often observe and feel the use state of the mold during production. If any abnormality is found, stop the machine immediately for inspection and eliminate it in time. Production shall be carried out after troubleshooting.

Maintenance after production

1.Conduct a comprehensive inspection of the injection mold after production.
2.Comprehensively clean the injection mold, clean the waste and sundries in the mold, and ensure that there is no waste in the waste box.
3.Feed back the problems found in the use of injection mold truthfully, and make records in the handover form or notify the repair personnel for repair.

Maintenance of long-placed injection mold    

For the injection mold placed for a long time, the maintenance shall be arranged every two months by opening the injection mold to remove dust and rust , and oiling all parts of the injection mold.

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