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Solutions :Cracks occur in injection molded products

 Wednesday, 18 August 2021

(1) In the process of processing, the pressure is too high, the speed is fast, the filling is more, and the pressure holding time is too long, resulting in large internal pressure, resulting in cracks in the die.
(2) adjust the mold opening speed and pressure during injection process to avoid the failure caused by strong drawing.
(3) Appropriately increase the mold design temperature to make the parts easy to realize demoulding, and appropriately reduce the material temperature to prevent decomposition.
(4) Prevent cracking due to low mechanical strength caused by welding marks and plastic degradation.
(5) Do not add too much release agent, but pay attention to timely remove the substances attached to the mold surface.
(6) Annealing heat treatment immediately after forming can eliminate the residual stress in the work piece and reduce the formation of cracks.

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