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Those things about injection mold trial

 Monday, 09 August 2021

After the injection mold is processed and assembled, the master fitter will ask for a trial, and the main steps of the trial are as follows:

1.First, check whether the materials are the same as the customer's requirements, then clean the barrel, and check whether the temperature of the barrel and the mold temperature are suitable.
2.The mold is installed on the machine, and the machine starts to heat up. At the beginning, a few mold shortage products are shot, and then the process of qualified products is gradually moved closer.
3.Trial molds, one is the test mold, and the other is the molding process. After the qualified product is produced, the product is submitted to the quality inspection to test the size and appearance of the product. The mold will continue to produce products, test the stability of the mold and see if the process can continue to be optimized, and make reasonable adjustments to reduce the production cycle.

4.If you can’t get a visually qualified sample after debugging, find out the reason, the mold problem is also the early design problem... After finding the reason, rectify it, and continue to try the mold next time until the qualified parts can be produced.

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