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Various high-quality pipe fittings and molds

 Thursday, 02 September 2021

I believe everyone is familiar with plastic pipe fittings. They can be used as drainage pipes, water supply pipes, mining pipes and communication pipes, with a wide range of applications. Bemould as a pipe fitting mould with more than 25 years   Suppliers with manufacturing experience provide various types of plastic pipe fitting molds. We can manufacture corresponding high-quality molds from straight through, tee, elbow, plug to joint.

The pipe molds manufactured by bemould are divided into the following types:

Core pulling pipe mould

Thread rotary pipe stripping tool

Arc core pulling pipe mould

Hydraulic slider pipe mould

Bemold always adheres to the original intention of allowing customers to enjoy high-quality molds. Pipe molds have high requirements for appearance, and the product surface requires high brightness, so the selection of mold materials is very important. We always refuse to use chrome plated steel, 3cr.13 or other low-quality steel. Din1.2316 or Stavax # S420 are usually selected for die core and cavity. For PP pipe molds or PPR pipe molds, we usually recommend customers to use domestic HRC 32-35 718H die steel, which has excellent polishing performance.

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