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Mold flow analysis -case sharing

Mold flow analysis is a preliminary work of mold opening. Itreduces the risk in product development, optimizes the product structure,shortens the product development cycle, succeeds in one mold test, saves energyand reduces consumption . Here are two molding cases of mold flow analysis and one case notanalyzed Case 1 Plastic Exterior Decoration Parts of Automobile PC +ABS ,4 drops hot runner The purpose of the analysis is to see the injection pressure and partdeformation . Through the analysis …

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PC transparent products - success case sharing

The material of the product is PCmakrolon2858, three-point hot runner side gates. There are obvious molding defects andcold material marks near the gate of the product surface in the first moldtest. See the arrow for details. Optimization scheme 1: molding processadjustment, multi-stage injection, according to the first stage slow, thesecond stage fast, the third stage slow, repeated adjustment has no obviouseffect. In optimization scheme 2, the gate sizewas increased, and the side gate was chang…

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Injection molded parts of intelligent light camera

WiFi mobile phone remote smart bulb camera isa new type of smart home and office products with light control and video monitoring.It issuitable for home, office, shop, catering, supermarket, school, hotel,property, market, indoor farm and many other places and fields. The basicfunctions are as follows: 1.Remote lightswitch control; 2.Remote lightbrightness adjustment; 3.Real timevideo screen view; 4.Historical videoviewing; 6. Two way voice call, etc . ● Our company has rich experience indeve…

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Injection molded parts of intelligent milk machine

After three months of hard work, the new version of a whole set offoam machine mold was finally successfully completed. During the busy trialmold in March, all the spare parts were assembled together, and a set of foammachine came out. Each part perfectly matches, the customers check and accept them onsite, and praise our engineers . The whole set of products have five different color numbers, andthe four fresh colors are as follows. They are produced in dust-free workshop,controlled by foo…

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Common problems of transparent PC products

Injection molding transparent PC plastic parts have the mostproblems, and our company has rich experience in mass production of PCtransparent parts. Just pay attention to the following two aspects,Transparent parts have theirparticularity and functionality, which will inevitably be used in many places.When injection molding, some thin-walled transparent injection parts are oftenencountered. Due to the performance reasons, these plastic parts use PC as theraw material, one is that the product turn…

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"New friends" in injection molding workshop--- Intelligent robot

Since October, the company has entered the peak production season,with a surge of production orders, and the injection molding workshop is verybusy. In order to meet the production needs of customers, reduce the productionpressure of employees and improve the production efficiency, the company hasdecided to further realize full-automatic production and increase productionequipment. All injection molding machines are equipped with intelligentmanipulators to realize 24-hour work in the injection wo…

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