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Intelligent medical plastic parts -- shell of cloud stethoscope

Through the unremitting efforts of mold engineers and injection molding engineers, the quality and appearance of our samples are highly recognized by customers. After receiving the samples, customers immediately place an order for 500000 sets of mass production.In order to meet the production needs of customers and improve work efficiency, the companys leading group decided to use a series of advanced equipment such as mechanical arm to cooperate with production.

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Chinaplas 2020

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of things and other technologies, these technologies will be gradually integrated into automobile manufacturing and enterprise management to optimize the operation process and improve the anti risk ability for enterprise production. "Chinaplas 2020 International Rubber & Plastics Exhibition" will jointly build a large-scale activity for industry customers - "industry 4.0 future factory" in conjunctio…

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Corporate benefits

The health of employees is thebiggest wealth of the company, and it is also the guarantee for the stabledevelopment of the company. In order to ensure the health of the employees,make the employees get sufficient health care after busy work and devotethemselves to work with abundant energy, the company specially organizes theemployee welfare physical examination. Date of physical examination: 8.23 (Sunday). Time of physical examination :7:00-11:30 AM.Physical examination personnel: all staff. Ph…

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IATF16949 Training

With the second year audit of iatf16949, the company invitesprofessional teachers to train the team members of the company. Which is beneficial forthe enterprise to become the supplier of automobile customers, especially forthe main engine plant, providing the quality awareness of team members,improving the work efficiency of the enterprise, continuously improving thecustomer satisfaction with the products and services provided by the company,on the other hand, it can effectively prevent product …

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Precise mold for plastic parts of stethoscope

August is a good harvest season. every employee in Dingzhou mold workshop is busyassembling molds, and every employee in the injection molding workshop is busy to run the mass production,The machines are constantlyturning to produce products. After 40 days of hard workof the mold department, our 4 sets of high-precision injection molds are aboutto be completed. We will test the molds on time and deliver them with qualityand quantity on time. Belowpictures shows the first sample assembly :

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Multi functional cart

Recently, the design department of our company has developed and designed a multifunctional product. The prototype is as follows. The designer is still in the testing and optimization stage. The product has the characteristics of folding and portability, and has a variety of uses. It can be used as a storage box when going out, and can be used as a dining table for a picnic. It can also be used as a pet car .I believe that the finished product will bring us more surprise, looking forward to the a…

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