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What are the reasons for the poor precision of injection molded parts?

Common injection defects areunqualified in size. The main reasons for analysis are: mold design andmanufacturing accuracy problems, molding process conditions cause obviouschanges in product shrinkage, uneven product shrinkage caused by molding materials,continuous changes caused by environmental conditions after molding, etc. . 1.Themachining accuracy of each part of the mold directly affects the dimensionalaccuracy of the product. The core and cavity assembly, the position of theparting surface…

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Those things about injection mold trial

After theinjection mold is processed and assembled, the master fitter will ask for atrial, and the main steps of the trial are as follows: 1.First,check whether the materials are the same as the customers requirements, thenclean the barrel, and check whether the temperature of the barrel and the moldtemperature are suitable. 2.The moldis installed on the machine, and the machine starts to heat up. At thebeginning, a few mold shortage products are shot, and then the process ofqualified products is…

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How to reduce shrinkage marks of injection molded products !

Some featuresof plastic products have thicker wall thickness, such as the shrinkage causedby ribsor convexfeatures is relatively obvious, because the cooling speed of the thicker areais much slower than that of the surrounding area. different coolingspeeds lead to depression at the connecting surface, which is a familiarshrinkage mark. this defectseriously limits the molding of electronic products, such as intelligentstethoscope, earphone and other products with high appearance requirements...The…

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What is precision injection mold

The judgment of precisioninjection mold is mainly affected by the accuracy of processing equipment. Theprocessing accuracy of general mold is mainly affected by the following factors: Experience andlevel of mold design engineer Experience andexperience of processing operation technicians Accuracy ofdie processing equipment In theprocess of precision injection mold processing, factors such as plasticshrinkage, product shape, precision of mold plastic parts, mold processingprecision, product precis…

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Common injection defects and optimization methods

Q1:cold material mark at gate position Describe Productmaterial PC , color , clear ,hot runner with side gates . Defects There areobvious surface defects such as cold material mark and water spray at thegate on the product surface . Cause 1. Thematerial flow quickly from the gate through the runner , enters the product surface. at the moment of entering the mold, the materialwith high temperature cools instantly, forming cold material marks on thesurface. 2. Gatelocation problems , the material …

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Mold flow analysis -case sharing

Mold flow analysis is a preliminary work of mold opening. Itreduces the risk in product development, optimizes the product structure,shortens the product development cycle, succeeds in one mold test, saves energyand reduces consumption . Here are two molding cases of mold flow analysis and one case notanalyzed Case 1 Plastic Exterior Decoration Parts of Automobile PC +ABS ,4 drops hot runner The purpose of the analysis is to see the injection pressure and partdeformation . Through the analysis …

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