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Precautions for injection mold of electronic products

When injecting the electronic shell mold, because the shell is an external part and the injection mold belongs to the precision type, we should grasp all the dimensions so that the mold will not change too much. For the injection mold engineer, it is very important to grasp the dimensions of the injection parts and the mold according to the design drawing, manufacturing process The molding process is controlled from three aspects.In addition, we also need to consider the appropriate shrinkage rat…

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Injection mold structure and its components

The mold structure is determined by the type of injection machine and the characteristics of rubber parts. The following aspects are mainly considered in the design scheme: ( 1) Technical specifications and models of plastic machine; ( 2) Performance of plastic mould;( 3) Pouring system software, including runner, glue inlet, etc; ( 4) Formed parts( 5) Common structural parts; ( 6) Row position organization; ( 7) Ejection tissue; ( 8) Mold temperature control; ( 9) Exhaust pipe; ( 1…

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Dingzhou Injection mold workshop --EDM

Common processing procedures of injection mold, EDM, Dingzhou plastic mold will take you to understand the basic knowledge of EDM 1、 What is EDM Electric spark is a self-excited discharge with the following characteristics: There is a high voltage between the two electrodes of spark discharge before discharge. When the two electrodes are close, the dielectric is broken down, and then spark discharge occurs. With the breakdown process, the resistance between the two electrodes decreases sharp…

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Dingzhou precision injection mould Co., Ltd—Team Building

In order to benefit employeesphysical and mental health, exercise everyones physical quality, improve teamcohesion, strengthen employees communication and exchange, enrich employeesamateur cultural life, and cultivate the excellent quality of tenaciousstruggle and courage to compete. According to the discussion of the company. all employeesparticipated in the group construction of the company on August 7 at the mainpark of Huling Longjing, Ruian,Wenzhou City. 1.Assemble at7.20 a.m. 2.Assembly pl…

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Design and development of injection mold for plastic shell of precision instrument

1.Bemould is a professional enterprise specializing in the design, manufacturing andprocessing of precision injection molds, equipped with professional design anddevelopment personnel and injection mold manufacturers. It has professionalsupporting equipment for injection mold manufacturing, with exquisitetechnology and excellent equipment; 2.From receiving drawing→ establishing 2D / 3D model → drawingconfirmation → CAD injection mold manufacturing → machining / CNC processing /EDM processing …

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Maintenance of injection mold

In order to prolong the servicelife of the companys injection mold, produce more products and create greatereconomic benefits, the following maintenance plan is formulated: Inspection andmaintenance during mold installation,such as Electronic products plastic mold , Precise transparent plasticinjection mold… 1.Before moldinstallation, the upper and lower surfaces of the injection mold shall becleaned to ensure the correct cooperation between the installation surface ofthe injection …

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