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Bemould :Supervision of injection mold quality

In order to ensure mold qualityand delivery time and control injection mold cost, effective mold qualitymanagement is particularly key . 1)ERP databasemanagement, processing technology database management, engineering drawingdocument management; So that the engineering drawings can be reasonably sharedand reasonably viewed and used. Be able to establish detailed documentmanagement computer database query, so as to prevent any problems caused by thedisorder of design drawings, 2D and 3D, the d…

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Injection molding defects : Clod flow lines

Cold flow lines, alsoknown as sun spot and fog spot, refers to the circular color change near thegate, which is usually determined by the pouring method and gate size. The reasonis melt fracture 1.Causes,Too muchinjection pressure,The moldtemperature is too low, which will cool the plastic too fast, resulting in toomuch cold material, and then rush to the product surface. The gatesetting is unbalanced, the gate is too small or the cavity at the glue inlet istoo thin, the material flow is large an…

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injection defects : Short shot

Short shot : Short shot refers to theincompleteness of the shot product caused by the incompleteness of themold. This defectusually occurs at the farthest point from the gate, or in the part that needsto be reached through the narrow part of the die, because the narrow part mayhinder the flow of melt. Short shot may cause verysmall spots or obvious loss of most products 。 Possible causes of short shotare: Insufficient rawmaterials injected into the mold; The meltflow resistance is too large …

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Bemould: A Professional Injection Mold Manufacturer

Dingzhou is a professional mold manufacturer and injection molding product supplier. Dingzhou moldis specialized in manufacturing all kinds of precision injection molds. Ourproficient industries include new energy power equipment accessories, injectionmolded parts of electronic products, all kinds of plasticelbows andsmall household appliance shells. We haveour own mold workshops, injectionmolding workshop - dust-free injection molding workshop and ordinary injectionmolding workshop. From produc…

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Cause and influence of mold air trap

Injection mold is a technical work, and exhaust is also a more important problem, because hot gas is easy to be generated during molding ,If it is not discharged from the mold cavity in time, it is easy to affect the product quality. Therefore, exhaust during injection mold is also a more strict work.Source of air trap ,(1) Air is left in the mold cavity itself;(2) Some raw materials contain water that has not been removed by drying and evaporate into steam at high temperature;(3) Gas produced b…

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Solutions :Cracks occur in injection molded products

(1) In the process of processing, the pressure is too high, the speed is fast, the filling is more, and the pressure holding time is too long, resulting in large internal pressure, resulting in cracks in the die.(2) adjust the mold opening speed and pressure during injection process to avoid the failure caused by strong drawing.(3) Appropriately increase the mold design temperature to make the parts easy to realize demoulding, and appropriately reduce the material temperature to prevent decomposi…

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