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We will periodically update Bemould's latest updates, sharing our work experience with all the person in need ,and to answer the most common topics and questions that come up when working on new plastic part designs.


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How to optimize the warpage caused by fiber orientation

Product warpage is always a difficult problem in the research of injection molded parts, and the warpage of glass fiber reinforced plastic parts is even more complicated . As an OEM manufacturer of plastic accessories for new energy batteries, we have accumulated years of experience and excellent professional knowledge to summarize the problems and solutions encountered in daily production into the companys know-how knowledge base for everyone to view and learn . We know that plastic products wil…

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Plastic Product Gate system-gate design standard

1.1: Description of gating system lap / side gate design criteriaSide gate advantage:The pressure loss is the smallest and the product is the easiest to fill .Side gate disadvantage :There will be obvious gate marks left , when trimming the gate, affecting the surface appearance.Common molding defects of side gate :1.Cold material near the gate2.There are shrinkage marks near the gate3.There are splayed whiskers near the gateThe side gate is often used for PP material. the material with cold m…

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Fine management of BEMOULD production: ERP + APS + MES system launched

CelebratingMayDay!!!Allcolleaguesof BEMOULD Companycelebrated may day.Bemouldtookthis opportunity tohaveapartyforallPRODUCTIONDEPARTMENT employeestocelebrate the arrival of the festival.Here, thegeneral manager ofBemouldalsoannounced that in order to better develop and manage the company and realizefine production, the company spent a lot of money to upgrade the ERP + MESsystemtoERP+APS +MES system integration .Bemouldisstarting to use the new ERP+APS+MES system in May ,as an OEM manufacturer …

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Custom injection molds case shares

OEM injection molding case 1 sharing The injection molding defects : obvious weld lines at circled position, it’s appearance product , not allowed visible molding defects on part surface .Root cause analysis :Gate location design is not reasonable , it results in weld lines located in large surface .The mold temperature is not enough ,there are obvious temperature difference .Correction :1. Adding overflow design at weld line location .2. Moving gate location, let the weld line locate on narrow …

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The Role of Injection Molding in New Energy Battery

In recent years, the word "new energy" has always been onthe hot search list. Seeking new energy solutions has always been the directionof research by countries and enterprises all over the world, especially theautomotive industry. The pursuit of new energy has attracted much attention.Now there are electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the market.Now, the high proportion of electric vehicles is higher than that of hydrogenfuel cell vehicles, but due to some disadvantages…

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Custom EV Charger Plastic Shell

The future development direction of global automobile is new energy. The exploration of new energy has become the consensus of countries and enterprises all over the world. China‘s new energy automobile industry has also been growing. At present, the penetration rate of new energy vehicles in various countries is increasing. Among them, China is dominated by pure electricity and Europe is dominated by plug-in electricity …After the electric vehicles of new energy vehicles enter the market, it w…

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