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How to solve the problem of product ejection pin marks in injection shell mold factory

Injection molding shell mold factories often encounter the phenomenon of product top white in the process of injection molding production. when many injection molding manufacturers encounter this phenomenon, they have to make a temporary solution in order to catch up with the goods. the solution is to use release agent. however, the use of release agent will directly affect the appearance of the product, and even more use will break the plastic properties of the product, so as to reduce the futur…

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Injection molding PC ABS PC PP plastic products - Dingzhou mold manufacturer

Bemould custom precision plastic mold processing ,build mold, plastic mold injection mold processing manufacturer .Bemould mold undertakes the relevant design business of plastic mold, injection molding product processing and mold design. the scope of work includes: arrangement drawing, material ordering drawing, parts processing drawing, line cutting drawing, 3D parting (mold core / insert, or full 3D), 2D / 3D comparison drawing( Service scope can be selected according to customer requirements…

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Various high-quality pipe fittings and molds

I believe everyone is familiarwith plastic pipe fittings. They can be used as drainage pipes, water supplypipes, mining pipes and communication pipes, with a wide range of applications. Bemould as a pipe fitting mould with more than 25 years Suppliers with manufacturing experience providevarious types of plastic pipe fitting molds. We can manufacture correspondinghigh-quality molds from straight through, tee, elbow, plug to joint. The pipe molds manufactured by bemould are divided into the foll…

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Efficient and stable battery shell mould

As an important barrier toprotect the battery, the battery shell is widely used in electric vehicles,battery cars, electric tricycles and so on. Generally, the battery shell ismade of polypropylene, ABS and pc-abs with good insulation and high voltageresistance, and is made of plastic injection molding. If youwant an efficient and stable battery box mold To produce high-qualitybattery boxes, bemoul will be your satisfied partner. We have manufacturedvarious battery box molds for our partners,…

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Bemould :Modern process control, quality and efficiency

We use ERP to ensure that ourcustomers planning, schedule and budget needs are met. We use MES system to control thetimely delivery of projects and molds. Our manufacturingprocess analysis and process planning provide guarantee for providing excellentquality molds. Our team provides technicalsolutions to ensure the best partial filling, cooling and warping effects. Our team provides technicalsolutions to ensure the best partial filling, cooling and warping effects.

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How to optimize the weld line on the surface of injection molded parts—New energy power equipment

In injection molding, when theplastic melt fills the mold cavity, if the temperature of the front melt of twoor more melts is not exactly the same when they meet, these melts cannot befully fused, and linear grooves are generated at the confluence to form fusion marks. The causesand solutions of weld lines in injection molding are as follows: 1.The melttemperature is too low ,Low temperaturemelt has poor shunting and confluence performance and is easy to form weldlines. When the inner and outer s…

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