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Custom Home appliance plastic parts

After aboutthree months,we have met you with a set of finished products developed by our selves.there are11 sets of mold , our mold manufacture and assembly member keep hard working torun this project.From theideas in our mind to proofing, to doing various strength test and analysis,transforming them into 3D data, mold design, mold processing and manufacturing,assembly, mold trial and a series of work.Finally,we have met you with our "large power bank" household appliances, 90%of the pa…

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New Energy Battery Cell Plastic Parts --- PC product

Ding Zhou produces plastic product of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Housings , we supply it to our customer in USA .This is a group of high-precision plastic food grade products.▪ It is required to be transparent ,▪ The thicness dimensional accuracy is + / - 0.05mm.▪ The product cannot be sprayed with release agent.▪ Yellowing and foreign matters are not allowed.▪ The burr at the gate position shall not exceed 0.2mm.It shows our dust-free workshop, the machines are running mass production , The usage …

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Ding Zhou : A Fuel cell system plastic parts supplier

Dingzhou supplies plastic accessories to various new energy battery companies at home and abroad. We provide customers with one-stop services such as R&D & design, mold manufacturing, production and assembly.The main products we supply are fuel cell power equipment, new energy batteries and various plastic accessories, including injection molding, blow molding, 3D printing, machining...With the rapid development of the new energy industry, the market and the environment are unanimously op…

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How to optimize the color difference of electronic product shell?

The shell of electronic products shall be beautiful, without burr, scratch and color difference.1.Solve the influence of injection molding machine and mold elements .Choose an injection molding machine with the same processing capacity as the injection molding machine. If the injection molding machine has problems such as material dead corner, it is better to replace the equipment. The causes of color difference such as mold gating system and exhaust slot can be solved by maintaining the mold of …

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Influence factor of cavity number of injection mold

In the design of injection mold parts, the number and arrangement of mold cavities should be designed first. the dimensional tolerance of mechanical parts cannot be simply applied to the mold cavity. the dimensional accuracy of plastic parts will be affected by many factors such as plastic part structure, plastic part raw materials and plastic part shrinkage during production. therefore, the ranking of mold cavity must follow certain principles in order to meet the requirements of mold manufactur…

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Mid Autumn Festival benefits in Bemould

Our annual traditional festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, is approaching. According to the national legal holidays and the companys own business conditions, all employees take legal holidays.On the occasion of the Mid Autumn Festival, the company prepares a gift for all employees. I wish all employees a Happy Mid Autumn Festival and a happy family!

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