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Why do injection mold design need insert design ?

1. Saveinjection mold manufacturing materials As we all know, injection molds useregular block steel with fixed shape to fix materials, but the materials offront and rear molds are determined by height. If one place is higher thanothers, inserts can be made to reduce the height of the mold. 2. Convenient mold modification Where the injection mold is oftenmodified, it can be removed and made into inserts. When changing the mold inthe future, as long as the inserts are replaced, and even when openi…

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What’s the lead time of building a injection mold ?

Bemold is a professional mould production company and a mould expert around you . If you wantto understand the production cycle of injection mold, you must first know theinternal production process of injection mold factory. According tothe size and structural complexity of the product, the mold production processis as follows: 1.Datasorting of quoted products 2.Product analysis,evaluation and structural design optimization 3.Structuralreview 4.Verification ofstructural samples 5.Mold structure r…

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Bemould injection workshop

In order to realize the efficient and high-quality production operation of the injection molding workshop, MES system control is introduced. Each injection molding machine is equipped with capacity Kanban, transparent workshop production management, visual Kanban, easy to know the production order, real-time production progress, quality inspection results of finished products, efficient control of the production workshop is more necessary, and the corresponding material processes can be quickly f…

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Bemould Injection mold - Portable mobile power injection parts

Portable Power StationBemould can customize the injection mold of mobile power supply and supply supporting production according to the requirements of customers. It can also be called portable motor, portable energy storage power supply, digital power supply, backup battery... Its definition is a portable high-capacity portable power supply.These plastic products are characterized by good insulation, low thermal conductivity, light weight, wear resistance...Portable mobile power supply can meet …

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Plastic cover of new energy battery -- Mold flow analysis

Battery housing :Bemould is engaged in the development and production of plastic parts of new energy battery system. We have rich experience in this field.We have an optimized team, formal procurement channels and modern production system management and control .Part material Part name Hot runner Technology - Process Part thickness Cavity Material Core Material Warranty (Shot/years) PC+ABS Battery housing 3 drops (value hot runner )None 3.0mmP20P20300k/36 months

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Portable power supply plastic shell Mold flow analysis

New project import, mobile power plastic shell.In order to reduce the risk of development, optimize the product structure, shorten the mold development cycle, successfully test the mold at one time and save the mold opening cost and time.Mold flow analysis of preliminary analysis, analyze and verify the rationality of gate position, understand the defects that may occur during molding, and analyze whether warpage, deformation, shrinkage, dent and other defects of products will occur. When designi…

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