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The role of mold temperature setting in injection molding production

When molding engineeringplastics, such as POM、PA、PCand ABS,it is very important to ensure the correct surface temperature of variousmolds. for example,the plastic shell of electronic products, especially after the mold designmeets the basic product requirements, the injection molding machine operatormust also be assisted by the mold temperature control equipment to producevarious plastic products with good quality. only afterthe close and perfect cooperation between mold design and manufacturi…

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Congratulations to the motherland, Shenzhou 12 successfully completed its mission!

Since the launch of Shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft on June 17, the astronauts have been on orbit "onbusiness" for three months and completed many tasks. On September 17, Shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft will re-enter and return as planned. At about 13:30 on the17th, astronauts Nie Haisheng,Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo successfully landed in the arms of the motherland and successfully completedthe mission! Welcome Aerospaceheroes home and congratulate the motherland on further development of a…

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Cause analysis of tool sticking of injection molding products

Product design: ①insufficient draftangle. ②The wall thickness and strength of the product are insufficient. Raw materials:"plastic materials are not strong enough and easy to crack; the materialsare not lubricated. Mold: ① thefront and rear molds are deformed or have acute angles, which scratch theproduct during demoulding,resulting in unsmooth demoulding, ❷ insufficientpolishing of front mold and rear mold causes mold sticking. ❸ themold draftangle is notenough. ④ Notenoug…

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Custom precision injection mold - plastic shell of intelligent electronic products

With the increasing market demandfor plastic products, people have higher and higher requirements for theprecision of injection molds. As for electronic products, the biggest factoraffecting the product precision is the processing precision of molds. Theso-called processing precision mainly refers to the actual size and shape ofthe product surface after processing, The compliance of the three geometricreferences of the position with the ideal geometric reference required by thedrawing. How much p…

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Cause analysis of brittle transparent products

Bemould injection mold manufacturer manufactures transparent PC molds, electronicproduct shell plastic molds and new energy battery box molds..., During theproduction of transparent products, the products are often brittle and easy tobreak. We carefully sort out the reasons, including the following aspects: 1.Insufficientinjection and pressure holding pressure of injection molding machine; 2.If theback pressure is too large, the heat of shear and friction increases; 3.The materialtest is too high…

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Why do injection mold design need insert design ?

1. Saveinjection mold manufacturing materials As we all know, injection molds useregular block steel with fixed shape to fix materials, but the materials offront and rear molds are determined by height. If one place is higher thanothers, inserts can be made to reduce the height of the mold. 2. Convenient mold modification Where the injection mold is oftenmodified, it can be removed and made into inserts. When changing the mold inthe future, as long as the inserts are replaced, and even when openi…

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