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Plastic Injection Overmolding Solution

Plastic product information: Part Name:PC injection molding Part dimension:φ100*40mm Part molding type:PC injection overmolding Material : the first shot :Black PC the second shot :PC(clear)Common injection molding defects in two-shot injection molding :Plastic overflow Sink mark Poor weld line Stress mark Poor color mixing Flow mark … At this case , the molding defect was color mixing. After molding, black burrs were found in the transparent second shot part, esp…

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Bemould 2022 annual party and Welcome 2023 !

On January 7, Dingzhou Mould held the 2022 annual party in its own company. This years annual party is a little special. It is different from the past. This year, the National Day Company moved to a new plant area, so the company leaders unanimously decided to hold this annual party in the company to celebrate the coming of the Year of the Rabbit. The leaders of the company celebrated the achievements and harvest of this year with all members of the company, and also looked forward to the vision …

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How to find a professional plastic parts manufacturer? Teach you to identify reliable mold suppliers

In recent years, due to the epidemic situation, many domestic and foreign guests could not go abroad to visit the exhibition and inspection factory. Many activities were learned and carried out online. We did not know about the good and bad mold suppliers. How to identify and find reliable mold and plastic parts manufacturers? As a professional mold manufacturer, we give some references.1. Learn about the basic information of injection mold manufacturersNow the Internet is very developed. When …

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Warmly congratulate Dingzhou Mold Co., Ltd.(called Bemould) on its moving !

October8,2022 is the date of Bemouds relocation.Bemould movedto No. 21, Lane 192,Weisan Road, Yueqing Economic Development Zone, Yueqing City, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province.All thestaff are enthusiastic.we sincerelywish the company a smooth relocation and a thriving business.Bemould has grownfrom small to large, from sharing afactory with othersto having independent building today.The relocation of the company is to meet the needs of the companys businessdevelopment, and is also an important be…

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Injection molds maintenance specification in Bemould

The AimIn order to ensure the normal production of molds and reduce issues and quality problems, the rational use, maintenance, maintenance and management of molds are very important to prolong the service life of molds, reduce costs, improve the quality of parts and improve the technical status of molds, which is an important work to ensure the normal production of injection molding.The mold shall be maintained before, during and after production. Maintenance items and precautions:Mold maintenan…

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How to optimize the warpage caused by fiber orientation

Product warpage is always a difficult problem in the research of injection molded parts, and the warpage of glass fiber reinforced plastic parts is even more complicated . As an OEM manufacturer of plastic accessories for new energy batteries, we have accumulated years of experience and excellent professional knowledge to summarize the problems and solutions encountered in daily production into the companys know-how knowledge base for everyone to view and learn . We know that plastic products wil…

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