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How to optimize the weld line on the surface of injection molded parts—New energy power equipment

In injection molding, when theplastic melt fills the mold cavity, if the temperature of the front melt of twoor more melts is not exactly the same when they meet, these melts cannot befully fused, and linear grooves are generated at the confluence to form fusion marks. The causesand solutions of weld lines in injection molding are as follows: 1.The melttemperature is too low ,Low temperaturemelt has poor shunting and confluence performance and is easy to form weldlines. When the inner and outer s…

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Solution to bubbles in injection molded parts – PC transparent products

Firstly, the causes of bubblesare analyzed. There aretwo kinds of bubbles: thick transparent injection molded parts often leavebubbles in the central part. There aretwo kinds of bubbles, one is the bubble caused by trapped gas, and the other isthe vacuum bubble caused by product shrinkage. Bubbles aregenerated because the injection speed is too fast, and the plastic flow cannotforce all the air in the mold cavity to be discharged from the exhaust slot.The air mixes into the plastic to form bub…

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ISO TS16949 Annual review meeting

In order to continuously improvethe quality management level, our company employs senior lecturers to regularlytrain the management personnel of each department, improve the qualityawareness and standardize the management process.

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Basic composition of injection mold structure

The structure of the mold isdifferent from that of plastic products, and its structural design will bevaried, but the basic structure is the same. The basicstructure of injection mold is divided into seven parts according to itsfunction:1.Formed partsrefer to the parts constituting the mold cavity, mainly including punch,concave die, core, forming rod, forming ring, insert and other parts.2.Gating system,which refers to the plastic flow channel in the mold from the nozzle of theinjection molding …

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Why do injection molds need to have a trial ?

It isimpossible to see whether plastic molds are good for injection molding. Generally,molds will not be directly regarded as final products when they are designed,because they will have one or another defects after they are produced. However,such defects cannot be avoided before manufacturing, and it is likely that theywill not be stored and processed during the manufacturing process, Therefore,it is necessary to test the mold, and then analyze, evaluate and optimize thesamples produced by the t…

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Injection mold: surface finish of electronic products

Injection mold polishing has 2objectives; One is to improve the smoothness of the mold, so that the surfaceof the goods produced by the mold is smooth, good-looking and beautiful. Theother is to make the mold very easy to come out, so that the plastic will notbe stuck to the mold. The followingmatters should be paid attention to in the polishing of injection mold: (1)When anew mold cavity starts production and processing, first check the workpiece surface and clean the surface with gasoline, so t…

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